The TD2401

Who knew a device so small could come up so big.

On any vessel, space is a commodity and everything has its place. The TD2401 makes it easy to find a storage place. And with more room, you can have more ThrowRafts. And more ThrowRafts means more lives saved.

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U.S. Coast Guard Approved

Approval #160.049/275/0

The TD2401 is the only inflatable throwable device TYPE IV PDF on the market approved by The U.S. Coast Guard. It is the first of it's kind.

Patent Info - U.S. Patent 9,162,738 B1 and other
U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending.

The TD2401

Key Benefits

  • + Auto inflates when submerged underwater.
  • + Thrown fully inflated or packed 40+ feet.
  • + Easily re-packed and re-armed.
  • + Re-use multiple times.
  • + 9x smaller than the ring buoy (packed).
  • + 5x smaller than the square cushion (packed).
  • + Compact. Fits in a backpack or ditch bag.
  • + Back-up buoyancy for use with a life jacket.
  • + Minimum Buoyancy 20 lbs (90N).
  • + Highly visible in a search and rescue situation
  • + Made in the USA

The TD2401 Mounting Case

The TD2401 Mounting Case is a UV resistant container that perfectly stores the packed TD2401 and protects it from the elements. Made of strong ASA-Geloy plastic, it is easily mountable on most center consoles, bulkheads, and sailboat railings.


Owners Information

Watch the following video to properly
re-pack and re-arm the ThrowRaft TD2401.


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Product Testing

There are over 35 U.S. Coast Guard tests conducted to achieve and maintain ThrowRaft's TD2401 approval. Testing continuous in every manufacturing step to ensure each device exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements. A few tests include:

Puncture Resistance

Similar to USCG approved inflatable life jackets, the device must resist being punctured when inflated.

Throw Tests

The device must be thrown with accuracy in the inflated and packed position.

Water Spray Test

The device is exposed to water spray in the packed position and cannot unintentionally inflate.

Uninflated Buoyancy Test

The device is unarmed and submerged underwater for an extended period of time. It is then released and must float to the surface unassisted.

Grab Strap Tensile Test

The device’s grab straps must suspend 150 lbs of weight off the ground for an extended period of time.

Rearm and Repack Test

The device must be rearmed and repacked by an unfamiliar user with ease.

Drop Test

The device must auto inflate after being dropped into water from 110 feet.



The Throwable Race


The Truck Test


The Drop Test


The Submersion Test


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